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My 2017 Highlights in one minute…. 


2017 was a year of growth and although we faced some personal challenges this year, I have sooo much to be grateful for. 2017 brought Chris and I closer and if I had to go through some of our challenges we faced again to be where we are today, I would do it in a heartbeat. In today’s Blog I want to share some of my top moments of 2017.  It was a year of travel, salon expansion, and learning to really appreciate what I have.

1.) Hosting my first motivational event …

On January 3 I had the opportunity to be on Good Morning Texas and talk about Vision Boards for my Vision Board event at the end of the month. I was so nervous to get on and I was also nervous to speak in front of a big crowd about goal setting. I told myself that I was going to step out of my comfort zone in 2017 and I did it! It was scary but worth it. I also had a few of my Boss Babe girlfriends Brit Rettig owner of Grit Fitness, Veronica Luviano owner of Nailed up by Vero, and also Elaine Harper creator of the Ultimate Agent Planner speak at my event and share their best practices on accomplishing their goals. It was a night of inspiration and a great way to kick off the year with some goals.


Backstage at Good Morning Texas





2.) Traveling to Thailand…..


Traveling to Thailand was such an amazing experience. Every year Chris and I like to take an international trip and after working our asses off the summer before on expanding Peachy Keen Studio, we booked a trip to Thailand with several of our friends. Since we booked it the previous year, it felt like forever to get here. My favorite parts of the trip were visiting the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, dancing on the HYPE Luxury boat, and getting daily hour long $6 massages! Check out my first Travel Vlog below.






3.) Launching Makeup Maven Academy……

I started my first class last December as the holiday theme. I had three people come ( more of a trial class) and although it wasn’t a big class, that’s all I needed for me to be hooked and decide to actually pursue this other avenue at PKS.   Since then, all of the Makeup Maven Academy classes have sold out!!!! I love when we see our clients from the salon post selfies because they’re so proud of themselves for their hair and makeup skills that they did themselves. It is  incredibly rewarding and it’s one of the main reasons I do what I do. Not everyone can afford to have a glam squad every single day so why not learn from the professionals so that it looks like a professional did it. That is why having an educational component at the salon was important to me.  My first class in 2017 was the Spring Makeup Class, I then had an even bigger end of Summer Makeup class at Grit Fitness, and then I collaborated with my girlfriend Lisa J and had her teach a class.





Sweet Peach Makeup Class



Summer Makeup Class




                                                                                                                                                                                Fall Vibes Makeup Class

4.) Growing and developing our team…….

This year we grew in a few different ways. Our team at PKS grew – 2 more lash artists and one more apprentice. Not only did we grow, but these ladies took their career to the next level and got their Russian Volume certification (a more advanced technique that we offer at the salon). We also went on our first team bonding trip to Austin and plan on having an annual team bonding trip. It’s been quite a journey training from scratch, looking for the right people, and also learning how to be a better leader for the team. I talked about this in a past blog  4 Things I’ve Learned Since Expanding with Employees.  At our 2016 holiday party, Viv and I had Melanie and Kim join us and in 2017 we had Brandy, Bri and Evelyn join us.

Dining at the Beer Plant in Austin




5. Trip to Vidcon in Cali with Chris and celebrating 7 years….


Traveling to Cali is one of my favorite places to visit with Chris. This trip was a very impactful one. Not only did we celebrate 7 years of marriage, but we left this trip feeling recharged and hit the ground running on the later half of the year. Chris and I had some personal challenges we had to face in 2017 and although I don’t wish it upon anyone, I’m grateful we went through what we did. We became stronger than ever in 2017. We attended Vidcon and it was such an inspiring event we needed , to really work together as a team with our side hustles. In case you didn’t know, Chris is the guy behind the lense in most of my shoots and candid videos. Which has helped me so much in creating content. If there is one big lesson I learned in 2017, it was to not take things for granted including my relationship with Chris. I never thought that we could gain the strength we have now after 7 years of marriage and to be honest, I don’t think we could have gotten to this point without the challenges we faced this past year.

Check out our travel video and some of the behind the scenes in Cali ( you can also check out my Venice Beach Travel Diaries here to see the list and details of the restaurants we loved)




6.) Finally launching my blog….

Ok so this felt like it took forever but I finally launched this blog. Some of you may have been following me ever since my IFBB Bikini Pro days or ever since I started YouTube so you know I took a year and a half break because of salon expansion. If you’re a newbie, welcome to my page!! I struggle a lot with trying to be superwoman and often have to remind myself I can’t do it all. When I try to do it all, I end up being a jack of all trades and master of none. So I really didn’t want to half ass it although I felt like I 3/4 ass’d it lol.  I really want to streamline my focus and goals this year so I can deliver content consistently.

I sometimes set soooo many goals and then overwhelm myself which sometimes paralyzes me and fear easily kicks in.   It took me forever  to build the blog because at first I was using Square Space and trying to learn it and then realized I wanted to switch to using WordPress so I had to start over from scratch. It can get challenging because I’m teaching myself everything ( and it’s not my strength) and have a full time business. But I did it so I’m happy I could scratch that off the list.


2017 highlights


7.) Witnessing some of my best friends hit milestones in their lives …


This past year my best friend Stefani from Denver had a baby. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen pics from throwing her baby shower and also being able to shoot maternity photos of her when we went to Thailand. I’ve known Stef a little over a decade now and have seen her grow into the woman she is today and I couldn’t be more proud. When I first found out she was expecting, I was excited for her because I knew that she would be a great mother.


Another huge milestone for another one of my best friends Heather was marrying her best friend Heath. I was so honored to be alongside my other best friends in the wedding party. I was there the day Heath and Heather met and knew that they had a special bond from the get go. I’m sooo happy for them and wish them so much success in their marriage. I actually planned on doing a Cancun travel vlog where their wedding took place but unfortunately I lost a lot of the files. You can at least check out the yacht party here 🙂



Thank you so much for following me on this journey. 2018 I’m ready for you!!!





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