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Hey gorgeous!!!

It’s been a hot minute!

I’ve been sooo incredibly busy the last few months with Peachy Keen and traveling, but I figured why not start sharing more about PKS here!?! Because I’ve been busy with the salon, I’ve had to take a step back on delivering fashion and beauty content consistently. I started this blog to also share a little of the behind the scenes of being a business owner, hence my “Bizspo” section of the blog. So I wanted to catch you up on all the new things we’ve been up to at the salon and talk about the incredible event that we just had, Outdoor Peaches 2018. I’m so happy with how the first and second quarter of the year have gone and I’m excited for whats to come for the next two!


Makeup Maven Academy

In March we had our 2nd Annual Makeup Maven Academy Spring Makeup Class and we sold out!!! Bri, my Lead Lash artist at Peachy Keen and gal pal,  co hosted this event with me and I’m so grateful to have her help me with events now.  It was a blast. I made an Instagram post about what our events looked like a few years ago to now and it really makes me happy to see how much we have grown as a team at PKS. This is also why I like to reflect often ( at least weekly and then monthly) to celebrate those little wins to keep me motivated to work hard. To see all the pictures from the last Makeup Maven Academy, check them out on our Peachy Keen Instagram and my personal page 🙂


Wands 4 Wildlife

We launched our Wands 4 Wildlife program  –  we now our sending our disposable mascara wands to the Wildlife Appalachian Refuge where they will repurpose them and use for their rescued animals. Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals. They work great because the bristles are close together.











Voyage Dallas Feature

Viviana and I were interviewed by a local online magazine – check out a little bit about our story here!  We love sharing about our story so that we can hopefully inspire other women to believe in themselves and embark on new journeys. We hope to get more coverage to share our message at Peachy Keen. Viv and I had our own studios before we met and launching our full salon together has been a long but very rewarding journey.

The work wife and me 🙂












Booked solid team and a new Peach!

One of my biggest goals for this summer was for everyone at the salon to have a waiting list. I’m really proud of everyone for working so well as as team, setting goals, and conquering them like girl bosses. They’re all so busy that it’s hard to get in with all of them now. They have worked so hard on marketing themselves and building their clientele and it’s paying off! Every month we meet for our team Reflections/Intentions meeting where we reflect on the previous month and set intentions for the next month. We added a lot more reflecting in the last couple meetings and it’s crazy how much of a difference I have seen in all of our performances. It holds us more accountable for sure. Because we’re growing, I’ve added another lash bed and just hired a new Peach babe hehe. Technically she is interning right now but as soon as she graduates, she’s going to hit the ground running and will be ready for new clients.

Girls working hard ….















Peachy Paws

Viviana has been fostering dogs for years now and has found forever homes for 27 dogs!!! Her record is a few hours lol. Having the community we have has allowed her to find new homes to a few little cuties here at PKS for our clients. At our Outdoor Peaches wellness event, we donated 10% of our ticket sales and will be doing more of that in some of our future marketing events. So in case you see a cute little dog besides Layla, our shop mascot, they are usually available for adoption.

Layla cuddling one of Viv’s fosters Theodore. We named him Larry at first and we still accidentally call him Lil Larry haha (sorry Leslie). I got attached to this little one though.
















Outdoor Peaches 2018

Our latest event! This was our first wellness event and it went so well that the ladies want more hehe. We will definitely throw another one when it cools down. Bri and I wanted to throw this event because we both have our fitness background and love what being physically active has done for our wellbeing. At our event we led a full body (but mainly glute work) bootcamp, we had Brittany Madrid from BzenTv lead a self love guided meditation, nourishment from, and some awesome swag bags from our sponsor and venue Outdoor Voices. It was an incredible event and I’m excited to do more of these. It was a fun day of sweating it out with a community of boss babes.


Jenna Vanzant Photography sponsored our event with the beautiful images below.

Strong is the new beautiful….


The night before the event we made Frozé Fruit infused popsicles. How cute are the floral ice cubes we made?! We also made a pit stop to Target the night before and left with a bubble machine and street chalk.


Street Chalk- Peachy Keen🍑


Although it was a full body workout, we did focus a lot on the glutes🍑!!




not to mention breakdancing…. JK JK Bri was demonstrating Shoot Throughs


Summer swag bags from Outdoor Voices- they were so generous and donated $20 gift cards to every attendee!! They also raffled off $100 gift card.



Layla being a cutie with friends 🙂

Plyos for days!!! Jumping Lunges🍑🍑



Freshly pressed watermelon juice and Vegan pancakes were provided by REFŪL.CO


Coffee Over Cardio and Ryse supplements were sampling out some of their goodies and also raffled off amazing gifts!



Their coffee was amazing!!!



Planks and lef lifts oh my…








Kim killing it at the Braid Bar


Guided Meditation led by Brittany Madrid from BzenTv

















We ended our day with a ton of raffles from so many of our amazing sponsors.

Outdoor Voices, REFŪL.CO, Pacifica Beauty, Amika, Ryse supplements, Coffee over Cardio, Cured Nutrition, Creative Beauty Solutions, Stretch Zone Dallas, and Jenna Vanzant Photography.

Thank you so much for keeping up hehe.

Until next time,

Shelsea Sanchez

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