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Creating Company Culture the Peachy way.

The last few months at Peachy Keen Studio we’ve been working on defining our company culture and core values. It’s crazy how much it has helped us at the salon and because of that, I want to share what I learned.

We were familiar with the term “core values”, but never stopped to think about what it meant to our business and never took the time to write them down or even talk about them.

When Viv and I first met, we had our own individual salon suites and moving in together was a strategic move. We were both trying to build our clientele so we figured we could cross promote each other if we moved in together. I always knew I wanted to own a salon and have employees that I could one day mentor but I always loved the idea of doing it with someone. It seriously has made our journey more fun!

After we moved in together, we realized we had a special dynamic. We both feed off of each others energy and with her humor and my love of inspiring people through positivity, we saw that we empowered our clients through humor and positivity (one of our core values that I’ll share more about later in the post).

company culture


I didn’t have any prior business experience before my own salon, so I’ve grown through a lot of trial and error and I feel that it’s one of the best (although sometimes not the most enjoyable) ways to learn. You can read all the content and advice from articles and/or blogs ( including this one haha) but sometimes it takes action and learning from mistakes to really identify what you want and don’t want.

The business has grown a lot in the last couple years and before continuing to grow, I really wanted to make sure that we were also working on the internal elements of the company. I would hate to grow too fast and not have specific processes in order. One thing I have learned is that if we would have worked on defining our core values sooner, it would have made the hiring/firing process a lot easier. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and I’m happy with how long it’s taken us to do certain things. 

So what is company culture?

Company culture is basically the personality of your company and there are so many elements in creating this – work environment, mission, expectations, and/or goals. To create this it’s so important that you have core values. When you get clear on what your core values are, you’ll attract like minded people to your organization. When you put it in place, you’ll weed out the people that don’t align with the focus of your company. Core Values will make the process of hiring/firing much easier because it really becomes a business decision versus personal. The employee either does or does not fit the mold defined by your core values – they help make these decisions crystal clear.

This past summer one of our best friends, executive leadership for a marketing company and great at all things having to do with company culture, sat down with us to help us define ours.

Here are a few things I learned:

Step 1:

Meet with your leadership team and go over the list of characteristics that your top performers embody. They already have those values within so take a moment to really list what those qualities are.

Here are some examples of real-world core values:

  • Continually strives for perfection
  • honesty and integrity
  • Hungry for achievement
  • Is enthusiastic, energetic, tenacious and competitive
  • Is committed
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Committed to personal development and evolving

Step 2: 

Above are just some examples but somewhere in that list your organization already embodies some of these qualities. Write down a long list of your own of all your top performers strengths. Narrow down between three and seven. Below is an example of our Core Values.

Peachy Keen Core Values





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