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Happy Holidays (insert Christmas Tree emoji)

I’ve gathered some of my holiday gift guide ideas based off things I love and what is on my wish list.

holiday gift guide

1.)  I bought this Mossimo Front Lace-Up Hoodie from Target on accident.  In other words it was one of those days where you go in for a few things and end up spending more that $100 lol. Heck that’s almost anytime I go to Target haha. I always get cold in the car, at work and at the movies so this is perfect if you’re like me who is chronically cold. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t feel like you have too many layers on. I love wearing it at work because it allows me to work comfortably. For days when it’s a little more cold, I love wearing it under my faux leather jackets like in the pic below.
holiday gift guide

Shop the Look:

2.) This one is a wishlist item. I’m obsessed with this color currently and I love me some adidas. They have this beanie in multiple colors but I’m pretty obsessed with them.

3.) The align pants from Lululemon are hands down my favorite workout pants. They are designed to minimize distractions and maximize comfort, these tight-fitting crops offer light compression with full freedom to move. I recently bought them for one of my besties bday and she said it was her favorite gift and the next day she went and bought more in different colors!
4.) This is one of my favorite perfumes it’s a citrus vanilla scent and every time I wear it, I get soo many compliments. Also, it’s cruelty free. I believe all the skincare and makeup line sold at Urban Outfitters is cruelty free.

5.) I love my Beats by Dre headphones. I used to have white ones when they first came out and I finally upgraded to wireless and I love it so much better especially the days when I’m working out. I love being able to put my phone down and not worry about holding it while using a strength machine.

6.) The Modern Renaissance palette is one of my ride or die palettes. I wore it almost everyday last holiday season but I still wear it often. This is a must have palette for sure. The berry tones look good on everyone and I love that you can use some of the neutral colors to create a beautiful day time look. This one is  very similar to the Just Peachy Mattes palette but this one has a few shimmery colors. So if you want a little more diversity, I would totally get this palette.

7.) If you didn’t already know what my favorite palette this year is, it’s the Just Peachy Matte palette. I filmed a tutorial on a natural day time look” Just Peachy Mattes Tutorial ” using this tutorial and recently filmed a holiday look with this same palette.

8.) Do I even need to mention anything about this beanie?!  It’s soooo stinking cute.
9.) Omg these Reebok’s are hardcore on my wish list. I may even buy myself a pair for Christmas. They have a couple different shades in that specific material but below I linked a cute white and black pair.

10.) My hubby is a huge Vans fan and here lately I’ve been wanting a cute pair.  These are definitely a wish list item. These would look so cute with the Spanx faux leather moto leggings.

11.) You can never go wrong with a basic shirt. I love how fitted, comfortable, and fitted this one is.  This one is a wish list item. I had them in my hand to buy a couple of weeks ago and then didn’t end up getting it after all. I need to get it asap before it becomes “the one that got away” haha.

12.) I have been looking at these liquid lipsticks every time I walk in Sephora and need to just buy it. This is another wish list item and I think this is a great gift that wont break the bank. Colour Pop Cosmetics is a cruelty free line, has highly pigmented makeup products and they’re inexpensive. I have so many of their liquid lipsticks but these ones are Sephora exclusives.

13.) I love love love my polaroid I bought from Urban Outfitters. I keep it at the salon and take pictures randomly here and there and I love keeping the pictures around as decor.
holiday gift guide
14.) This Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette is definitely on my wish list. I’ve been pretty happy with every Too Faced Cosmetics  palette purchase I’ve made and I got to swatch this one today. It was highly pigmented, smelled amaze balls and had so many beautiful shimmery and matte colors for the holidays. The palette itself is beautiful but I love love love how pigmented and buttery it is.

15.) I’ve been eye balling this record player from Urban Outfitters since last Christmas. I specifically like this color and the peach one 😉 😉 hehe.
So what did you think of my first gift guide/wish list? I had fun doing it!!!

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