10 Best Practices For Success


Success- 10 best practices 🙂

If you saw my last post 7 Motivational Books for Girl Bosses, you most likely saw that I did an awesome giveaway on all the books! In the giveaway, I had people comment their best practices for success. I had a lot of fun doing this giveaway because I learned some new tidbits for success.

Seeing your comments made my day and also motivated me. In today’s post I wanted to share 10 of the entry comments with you so maybe you can learn other peoples take on their best practices for success.  Hopefully you’ll feel inspired like I did after reading some of these awesome comments. If you want to read all of them (there were a lot), head on over to my Instagram post. 

1.) I’m going to start with my favorite one. Because most of you see the confident side of me, you may not know that I struggle a lot with being too sensitive, taking things personally and confrontation. I have gotten better at this throughout the years but it’s a constant struggle I have to continuously work on.

 @iambrianadai – So first of all, I love this giveaway!!!! Second of all, I’m loving reading all of these comments. I’d say my favorite practices is kind of a coping mechanism for rejection….because rejection can really discourage progression and I can’t be stuck wallowing in it SO I keep a little box of q-tips close to my desk at all times as a visual reminder to “Quit Taking It Personally” every time I get a no, I throw a q-tip out, and the closer my box gets to empty, the closer I know that am to the yes! It makes a game out of the rejection, makes it more optimistic, and without fail I ALWAYS stumble upon a yes before I reach an empty box. 🙌👌

2.) I really love this one because it’s so important to celebrate the little wins. A lot of little wins are what help you get those big wins.

@theneededgirlfriend -One thing that I do to practice success is to set out weekly goals so that I can see that even though I may not have reached the biggest goal yet I have been doing small little things that can make all the difference. I also try to stay organized while writing down everything so that I won’t forget things. I think doing stuff early is also a great practice so that you won’t get overwhelmed ♥️

3.) I especially loved this one because a lot of times when we start a new venture, we think we will make money right away. This is not always the case.

@tanntipsytravels Taking risks and pushing through your fears. The 3 things I always keep in the forefront of my mind when pushing through my fears are (1) Set the right expectations. For the average person, money won’t come pouring in until maybe year 3 or 4. So set the right expectations for year 1-3 so that you won’t give up during the hardest years (2) Know when and how to pivot. Have a backup plan. If Plan A doesn’t work, fall back to Plan B..or C..or D 🙂 (3) Love what you’re doing. This may seem like a cliche, but I personally work much harder for something when I’m passionate about it. Labor of love.

4.) Setting intentions for the day is so important to me. I write in my planner and try to set positive intentions for each day so that it could be as successful as possible. Even if it’s a day to relax, I want to successfully relax.

@this_empowered_life -Love this! Setting an intention for your Day is my #1 tip for success! Knowing how each hour will be spent, knowing where your “money making tasks” are. I think you can set intention in everything you’re going to do though, it goes beyond business! Setting an intention for a conversation you’re going to have, or an experience! ❤️❤️❤️

5.) @tawnaeubanksmccoy – For me it’s been to just say YES! Take every opportunity that I can and just try to make something out of it. I used to second guess myself on things or turn things down because I didn’t feel like it. The more proactive I am the more things just start happening on there own! It’s like a snow ball effect.

6.) We need to celebrate ourselves more and just start doing!

@jenniferleecooper– We just have to do it. I’ve found the more I do, I become more and more positive and confident. Life and business continue to improve and then I’ll stop, look around and think, “Damn, I’m on fire.” I think you need to acknowledge it and say that to yourself some times!! 🔥

7.) @hbmanson- I personally like to begin each day with an investment in myself. That could be meditation, reading a book, exercising, or most recently this brain training app that takes me through a combination of math, reading, and writing exercises. When you start your day with positive intentions and put yourself first, it makes conquering those day to day challenges a piece of cake! Also, setting my goals for the following day, before end of the current day. When you wake up and set goals for the day, you’re already behind! ❤️


8.) Setting short terms goals really allows you hit those long term goals.

@jnicolexo– As cliche as it sounds, setting and visualizing long and short term goals- Once the goal is set, creating habits that build success, surrounding myself with likeminded people, constantly reassessing (have I made gains/loses) and focusing on how I can improve.

9.) Don’t forget to have fun along the way

@hairbyviviana– Mine is to make it fun. Reaching your goals is a journey of ups and downs and as long as you surround yourself with people that bring you joy and laughter … there is really nothing you can’t achieve:) ……unless you want to be a perfectly ripe avocado that doesn’t turn brown in two seconds. You will never reach that greatness sorry🤷🏻‍♀️

10.) Write it all down and make lists!!

@missbreezyfit– I actually find I’m more successful when i make lists! Lots of lists! Todo lists, goals lists, grocery lists haha. Something so satisfying about crossing things off. Lists are my key to success! And life! ✔️✔️✔️


  • Isaly Holland

    I am so glad that I made it to the list of motivation! I think each one of the tips listed from other girlbosses were spot on and gave me some great ways to succeed as well. (:

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