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This past week Chris and I hung out in Downtown Dallas for our shoot and it was a little nostalgic. Every time we go downtown, we reminisce about living there and the fun memories we made. We lived there a couple of years before we migrated to East Dallas but we still go there for some of our favorite foodie spots. I figured I would share some of my top places to snack at in Downtown Dallas since they’re some of my favorites.

Button Down Romper | Hat | Jacket | Bracelet


Before we get into some of my favorite foodie spots, I wanted to share all the outfit details, makeup and hair products I used.


I stepped out of my comfort zone with this button down romper but I’m loving this look.  I didn’t purposely make it an all Urban Outfitters outfit but I find myself shopping there so much now a days. This whole outfit is from there minus the shoes and jacket.

downtown dallas

I’m really obsessed with the sherpa fleece trend and Chris found this one on Amazon for $22 and it was Prime insert “woot woot”.

They have several colors and I think the Grey, Khaki, and Olive Green look pretty bomb too.

downtown dallas

Shop the Hair and Makeup Look:

        For my hair I did my typical “Beachy Waves” look except it looks even better now because I have tape in extensions.

 Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition – 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette



Alrighty, lets chat all my favorite spots in Downtown Dallas.

1.) Americano- this restaurant is located in the Joule hotel and it’s one of my favorites. I’ve celebrated birthdays, date nights and even the Margarita Ball pregaming here. Although this is a modern take on pizza and pasta, I always get a salad. Their salad is delicious  but what I really come here for is their dessert. Their Granny smith apply crostata, vanilla bean gelato is amaze balls!!!!! You can’t go here and not have it.


2.) Weekend Coffee – There coffee is pretty delicious but I come here for the homemade pop tarts. I would sometimes grab some of these when I would take my dogs walking.


3.) Sapa House– They recently opened Sapa house. Back when I lived there, they had a different Vietnamese Restaurant. I love this one even more. Their Pho is so delicious and they even have a Vegan broth their for my Vegan friends. Chris and I checked this place out one of the last times we did pictures DT and we tore it up! haha


4.) Overeasy- ok so both Chris and I didn’t love our entrees here however, their biscuits were heavenly. I would seriously go back just for the biscuits. They were buttery and flaky that my mouth was watering as I ate it. Since I didn’t love my entree, I’m definitely gonna try it out to see if I like something else from their menu.


5.)Woolworth- If you come here try a craft cocktail and their Crab Nachos! They are seriously amazing! I would say they are the best Crab Nachos I’ve ever had but I’ve actually never had any others before haha. I imagine they are though. So bomb!

Those are just some of my personal favorites. If you’re ever visiting Downtown Dallas, you should definitely give some of these places a try.



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